Mayor of Dartford Events 23rd to 28th June 2014

Mayor of Dartford Events 23rd to 28th June 2014

Mayor of Dartford Events 23rd to 28th June 2014

Mayor of Dartford Events 23rd - 28th June 2014

Fly the Flag
On Monday the 23rd of June Jeremy Kite and the Mayor attended a special flag-raising ceremony ahead of Armed Forces Day.

Commonwealth games opening ceremony
Secondly on the 23rd of June Councillor Avtar Sandhu attended St Anselm's Primary School for the commonwealth games opening ceremony that the school had put on to celebrate their Commonwealth Sports Week.

General Assembly Council Meeting
On the 23rd of June the mayor chaired his first General Assembly Council meeting in the Civic Centre, Dartford.

North Kent Disability Group
Along with Ann Allen, Patsy Thurlow and other committee members a cheque was handed to the North Kent Disability Group on the 25th of June.

Dartford Choral Project
On the 25th of June the Mayor, along with his wife Sukh Sandhu, went to the Dartford Choral Project, a celebration of music and culture held at the Orchard.

Professional Women In Business Breakfast Meeting
The Mayor and Mayoress attended this breakfast meeting with several professional women, where they discussed the furthering of the town and the direction is was moving in terms of business. As a business man himself, this would have been a great opportunity for the Mayor to meet with like-minded people.

Orchards Junior Scale Model Club Show
On the 28th of June the Mayor attended the Orchards Junior Scale Model Club Show, where scale models by the group were on show for all to see. This was a great opportunity for the Mayor to get to see some of the talent rarely seen in society, as well as socialise with members of the group.

Unveiling of the poppy garden
Later on in the day of the 28th, the Mayor attended the unveiling of the poppy garden in Dartford Central Park in celebration of Armed Forces Day. Along with him will be Deputy Leader Councillor Tony Martin, who will be helping him.

Armed Forces Day Celebration
In the same day, the Mayor attended an Armed Forces Day Celebration at the Royal British Legion in Greenhithe.

Saint Andrew's Church Community Fete
The Mayor then attended the Saint Andrew's Church Community Fete. Fetes are church celebrations that tend to include festival-like activities, and are similar to fun days in that they are generally a social activity whereby people can have fun.

The Mayor of Dartford would like to thank Nomad for their generous contribution to the Mayor's groups and charities.