As of Wednesday the 7th May 2014, the new Mayor of Dartford is Councillor Avtar Singh Sandhu MBE. The Dartford raised Mayor has had a keen interest in politics since an early stage as his late father Darshan Singh Sandhu MBE was an influential character in both local and national politics, although not being an elected member or councillor himself.

Avtar has been a member of both Dartford Borough Council and Kent County Council, enjoying both roles immensely whilst canvassing to his local residents and building a strong relationship with them. Whilst building relationships with his local residents, the now Mayor of Dartford came across many worthwhile causes who are transforming the lives of Dartfordians.

Avtar is a local businessman who believes strongly in helping those in the Dartford Borough. He has set the bar high and will actively be fundraising for 31 different charities, groups and organisations who he believes make a real difference to all of the Dartford residents. As well as looking to help a staggering number of groups, Avtar is looking to raise a record breaking amount of money to ensure each organisation receives the funds they need. Cllr. Sandhu has been organising fundraising events in Dartford since he was 20 years of age and strives to bring the community of Dartford together by helping those who may be less fortunate than themselves.

If you wish to contact Avtar, please fill out the form here.