County Election Dartford

Avtar Sandhu MBE is hoping to represent Dartford North East for another 4 years after elections in May. Since being elected, Avtar has put huge amounts of time and effort into helping the residents within his area. During the large period s of snow in 2012, Councillor Sandhu used part of his highways fund to distribute grit and shovels to those who could not otherwise get them or were very blocked in with snow. Over the four years Avtar has increased the number of salt bins on roads for similar situations and is looking to allocate more before the elections occur in May.

Councillor Sandhu has brought the community together and supported many events such as the Try Angle Awards, a cleanup of Wellcome Avenue and helping to open Dartford's Business Club.

Unfortunately Avtar did not get re-elected and is now only part of Dartford Borough Council.