Avtar Sandhu | Elected Member for Brent

As an elected member for the Dartford Borough, I feel very privilaged to be serving the borough of my home   town. Having lived in Dartford since approx. 1969, I have seen the town change through the years. Mayor of Dartford Having lived in East Dartford since 1969, I began my school life at St. Alban's Road Infants, York Road Primary and then my secondary school years were spent at the Downs School, now known as the Leigh Academy. I am a married family man with a son and daughter, my wife also working within the Dartford Borough.

My introduction into local politics was made by my late father Mr Darshan Singh Sandhu MBE, through him and the people within our lives at the time my passion for local politics began. Having been elected to serve Dartford North East in the Kent County Council elections in 2009, I was given the position of Deputy Cabinet Member for communities, this role gave me enormous insight into the world of politics on a county wide level. Being very much community based, I was keen to enhance the the Dartford North East area as much as I could whilst in the position. Through setting up and running regularly surgeries in the various parts of the area I soon established good links with residents and I'm confident that between us (myself and the residents) we have made changes to the area which will benefit everyone. Lead Member for Business and Enterprise Dartford Avtar Sandhu

In 2011, I became a local borough councillor serving the Newtown Ward of East Dartford. Through the already established surgeries and direct interaction with residents, I have made contact with residents and have ALWAYS tried to deal with issues arising from residents as soon as possible. Dartford has fantastic transport links and as a result is a central hub for businesses of all sizes covering a massive range of industries, with the added advantage of Bluewater the borough is the work place for thousands of people.

As a local resident and as an elected member of Dartford Borough Council, I would like to do everything within my power to better the lives of Dartford Residents and all those who work within it!

In May 2014, I was sworn in as Mayor of Dartford. To be the first citizen of Dartford was an honour and I jumped at the opportunity. throughout my term I attended over 600 events and raised approximately 50,000GBP for my chosen charities, groups and organisation. I would like to thank everyone who supported me and my wife Sukh throughout the year.

In May 2015 I was elected Conservative Councillor for Brent Ward, Dartford. As with everything I do, I will help the local community to the best of my ability and ensure that Dartford is the best it can be.